Anthony Beck, International Realtor

Anthony Beck began his Real Estate career in Montreal, Quebec in 1978. He  used his M.B.A. education to generate technical marketing proposals for commercial properties. The same technical marketing data was then used to justify leasing space in the properties. The owners of the properties asked him to help them amalgamate city blocks for redevelopment.

He started as a commercial agent with occasional large transactions based on satisfying institutional consumer demand for reliable demographic data. He then used the precise technical data to build a group of retailers seeking leaseholds.  He amalgamated these to facilitate property development.

He also used his analytical marketing approach to residential relocations and partnered in a residential development and construction company building production and custom homes.

Several of his contacts involved him in vacation property development and sales in Florida.

Anthony Beck, Realtor 1984

Anthony Beck, Realtor 1984

Anthony Beck, Max Imm du Bureau, ReMax 1985

Anthony Beck, Max Imm du Bureau, ReMax 1985

In 1987 his daughter Louise joined him and together they became the top agents in a city center Re/Max office. They developed a Canada wide relocation service pioneering e-mail communications and consultative marketing. They amazed and delighted customers with their perceptive analysis and efficiency. Customers usually chose the 7-9th home they were shown on their second outing. Of course Louise and Tony previewed dozens of properties between outings.

Anthony Beck with Daughter Louise in 1987

Louise and Tony in 1987

Anthony & Louise Beck, Top Agents 1989

Anthony & Louise Beck, Top Agents 1989

In 1989 he became a broker and opened Beck and Associates Realties.

He was helped through the economic crisis in the early 1990's with income from a family owned Subway Restaurant.

In 1997 he carried the Subway concept to Britain while caring for elderly parents and relatives, helping them through their twilight years and settling their affairs. He bought, developed and sold several commercial and residential buildings and studied all aspects of international real estate investing.

In 2007 he returned to North America buying property in Aurora, Ontario and near Walt Disney World in Florida.

In 2008, anticipating the purchase of more properties, he started a property management company and earned a Florida Real Estate license. The deteriorating economy stifled the expansion plans. Instead, helping International investors with Florida property became the focus. Canadians became the predominant international investors in Florida. In 2012 he earned an Ontario real estate license so that he could legally discuss Real estate in Canada and better help his friends. He currently works with The Luxury Real Estate Group in Boca Raton, Florida and Intercity Realties, one of the leading independent brokerages that is deeply involved in marketing new homes in Canada.

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Is Anthony Beck the right Consultant for You?

Choosing a good agent to represent you is a most important and confusing task. Tony understands that buying or selling their home is an infrequent unfamiliar and stressful occurrence. Besides being totally disruptive, It also involves one of the largest financial transactions they will encounter. Anthony Beck and his support team aim to minimize this stress and maximize the revenue.

Anthony Beck is Not the "Top Agent"

Anthony Beck no longer aspires to be the "top" agent in the office. That agent usually guides his clients to the immediate and highest rewards. He knows because he used to be that agent. Now he believes that all his customers deserve his best solution and experience has shown that referrals more than make up the shortfall.

But, he aspires to be YOUR best agent!

Your Real Estate Consultant

By concentrating on your specific needs and concerns he develops a deep understanding of your special needs and your motives for the sale or purchase. Often his questions will help you clarify your objectives and that clarity of vision will remove a great deal of stress at a later stage. There are usually many factors that influence the decision to sell, the price, timing and many other conditions.

There is much more to selling your property than writing a listing, planting a sign, publishing and advertising the sale and taking an offer. We are dealing with a complicated legal procedure and you need to be represented by a knowledgeable, honest, thorough and sincere agent. He aspires to be that agent.

Customers are usually so pleased that they introduce friends and family seeking help, thus saving him the time conventional agents spend prospecting for new business.

Cutting Edge Technology.

We are living in a rapidly changing environment and he has taken many steps to ensure that, throughout his career, he has been at the cutting edge of technology. Your listings will pop up on buyers telephones as soon as they start looking for a new home. (92% start looking on their mobile phones) The transaction will be documented by computer and signatures recorded electronically. He aspire to be a "paperless agent".


Surprisingly, Anthony and his team are somewhat unique because they have studied negotiating techniques. Effectively negotiating a contract is an important component of representation and all the team are TRAINED negotiators.

Transaction Coordinator

Bringing the property to contract is just the beginning of the process. Before completion building inspectors, bankers, lawyers, appraisers and a myriad of support personnel become involved. Piloting your sale through this very turbulent period becomes a major, and very important task. Most people are unaware of the 69 point checklist he uses for guidance.

If you have read most of this you may have a fair idea about what Anthony Beck stands for and offers. If you wold like to follow up, please contact